Deja Vu

But not really.  I have this theory — idea really  — that people are trying to make the Fort Hood shooting Obama’s 9/11.  I predict (in the Limbaugh way) that in the future we will hear that Obama didn’t protect us from terrorists because he sent a shout-out to an Indian man instead of using a bullhorn on the day it happened — oh and he yukked it up — oh and he used a teleprompter — oh and when he bothered to go a week later, he sent more shout-outs to his buds thugs in his cabinet.

Yes, the first terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11 and this is how our president reacts.  Idiots.

That is exactly why it is so important to label this a terrorist attack.  Shall we go back and tag the DC shooters terrorists just to disprove Bush’s and Cheney’s claim of keeping us safe all those years?

I expect to see how this was the first terrorist attack during the Obama Administration.  Just wait.

In an upside-down world, I’m also going to register for Little Green Footballs — after all these years.


2 responses to “Deja Vu

  1. The obligatory rightwing exploitation of the Ft Hood shootings has been nauseating to witness – and i’ve been trying my best to avoid it completely.

    And alas, only fear-monger Alex Jones seems to be pursuing the SSRI line of speculation. The silence on that front in the corporate media is so complete, you really have to wonder about the influence of all that advertising big pharma buys.

    But the Hasan case looks to me like a textbook example of happy pill mayhem.

    • The News Hour is going to have reports of PTSD and the military tonight, but it may not touch on what happened at Fort Hood. We shall see.

      I think part of the rightwing thing too is that they discount mental illness. Look at how long it took for the existence of PTSD to be acknowledged.

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