Credit Cards for Med and Dental

Local KHOU had one of their “Defenders” reports on tonight about Care Credit credit cards.  It featured a couple of people who should have read what they agreed to and switch dentists.

I’ve had a Care Credit credit card for a number of years now.  Initially, my dental insurance only covered $1000 worth of dental bills each year and had all sorts of restrictions on certain procedures.  For example, you could only have one quadrant root planned per year — even though it is a painful experience and easier to do as an upper and a lower.  I signed up for Care Credit through my dentist so I could get everything done at once.

It’s easy to understand.  Depending on the bill, you get a predetermined amount of time to pay the bill off at no interest.  Since I switched jobs and couldn’t get dental coverage, I have used it for all of my major dental.  If you have an honest dentist, they give you an estimate, counsel you about the treatment and the cost, and don’t charge you until they do the work.  That way you can plan to pay it off without interest.  Poor Care Credit.  I have never paid them any interest.

From the “Defender’s” report, the company took care of all of their examples of problems.  To me, it looks like the providers are the problem here, but did the “Defenders” focus on them?  No.  They were off the mark here.

(Link to the report tomorrow.)

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