Seafloor Spreading

Crazy that I just gave my advanced students a test on this and it comes up.

There’s a really cool video that I showed my students of the continents spreading apart and coming back together — all over millions of years.

In time, lots of time, the national boundaries that we have will no longer exist.  The land that exists will change.  How I wish I could live for millions of years just to see that happen.  It’s a foolish wish, I know.  But to see the plates move and reconstruct themselves would be fantastic.

One response to “Seafloor Spreading

  1. Sort of, kind of related. Have you heard anything about a new theory on the extinction of the dinosaurs? that it was a double-whammy from outer space? The meteor that landed on Yucatan & created the Gulf of Mexico and now there’s evidence there was another (huger! bigger!) on/in/around India?

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