Election Night ’09

I voted after work.  Sometimes I vote early, other times I like to vote on election day.  People like me must drive turnout predictors crazy.  By 3:30, 114 people had voted at my precinct.  While there was no waiting, all six voting booths were pretty much occupied while I was there — with my handy League of Women Voters guide (cue wingnut cry — why is it just for women!!!!!).

Local station KHOU has been keeping tabs on the returns (I’ve been looking for Kuff, but he hasn’t shown up there yet.)

Locke and Parker are neck and neck.  I guess I could live with Locke, but I voted for Parker.  My man Ron Green is keeping ahead of the wingnut Pam Holm.  Here’s hoping that continues, and that his lead grows.

The three elections that will show that the GOP is on the upward turn look like a mess (I don’t click on Politico).   If exit polls show that national issues (Obama) weren’t import factors in people’s decisions, then does that mean that the president is irrelevant or is it a defeat because he wasn’t the most important factor?  This is all so stupid.

And not to let my wingnutty (double post ha ha) peeps down — the Texas Republican Party has decided that one Justice of the Peace switching parties is a “wave” and spreads unfounded rumors that President Obama’s approvals in the state is at 20%.  Nice try!

From KHOU’s latest update, Jo Jones is beating the white (!) man who has tried twice against her.  That must make Michael Berry mad.


3 responses to “Election Night ’09

  1. cue wingnut cry — why is it just for women

    I routinely look over the information the league of women voters puts together for elections. While their purpose might have been to organize greater turnout amongst women voters.. they have become a very laudable service to the electorate in general.

    • I was just trying to make a joke — I guess I failed.

      I was just thinking of all the times I have heard wingnuts complain about various non-white males coming together as a group, which somehow in their minds excludes them. (i.e. no men allowed in women’s groups, no whites allowed in the Houston Black Firefighters Association ad nauseam)

      Anyway, the LWV guide is always my starting point for researching an election.

  2. Ding! right on time! (first commenter, I mean)

    It’ll be funny to see which way the Republicans have to spin depending on the results. If they win, then we might as well just pack it in cause it’s all over!! ha ha … if they lose then what excuse will they go for? Tune in and see!

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