Houston Controller Race on Red, White and Blue

This was a pretty good addition of my on again off again favorite program.  All three candidates got in their digs as well as their positive points.  It worked for me.

Lots of smears were brought up.  I’ve gotten a phone call supposedly from a fellow Democrat who is unhappy with Ron Green (I deleted it — it was typical concern trolling).  It was paid for by Pam Holm.  Also, I got a whatchamacallit flyer thingy in the mail today from Holm, telling me that Ron Green hasn’t paid his taxes (it went straight into recycling).  Of course, things are more complicated than that.  He appealed to others who have had disputes with the IRS.  Shouldn’t that get the glibertarian vote?

Holm went on Glenn Beck’s show from what I gather.   That tells me she is a teabagger and/or trying to nationalize a local race.  Either way, it’s a huge turn off.  When M.J. Khan asked her about the lies she has told about him in her campaign advertising, her response was, let’s say, less than flattering.  The Rottweiler with the turquoise mini-collar in her flyer is in the same category.

In the end, I’m sticking with my original choice, Green.  Kahn made a good show, too.  I wouldn’t mind him being Controller.  But Holm hasn’t really done anything to make her a good choice, unless one wants a smear merchant and fringe national media sell-out holding the purse strings on the city’s budget.

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