A Loss for Houston

John O’Quinn died today in a car accident.  He was a legendary attorney, a generous supporter of the University of Houston, and a bit of a fast player.

O’Quinn saved my job once — in a way.  Back in the ’80s, I worked as a paralegal to put myself through school.  The attorney I worked for was a total slimebag (he was eventually disbarred).  At one point, my boss needed money (he had a lot of kids) and he sold some cases to O’Quinn, along with a law clerk, a paralegal (me), and a file clerk.  At that point, at least my paychecks didn’t bounce.  (While I feel for some who had it hard in the ’80s in Houston, I have special place in my heart for people who got worthless paychecks.  There were a number of us.  People who actually got paid for their work were lucky.)

O’Quinn went on to fund the Alumni Center at UH and have some trouble with jury tampering.

In my gut, I think this tragedy is sad for those who knew or were related to him.  As for me, not so much.  I didn’t like being sold off to the highest bidder.

As another attorney boss of mine said, “rock stars and attorneys die spectacularly.”

Yet another reason for not going to law school.


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