You’ve got to be kidding me

Local CBS news just reported that “some political analists” say that by backing Gov. Rick Perry, she indicating that she may run in 2012 with Perry as her V.P.

Please god, let them be right.  I would enjoy the hell out of that.  It’s something to look forward to.

Right after that they had a report about voter fraud.  Not voter registration fraud, but voter fraud — the boogy man of Texas Republicans.  I had heard the teaser for the story earlier and thought, hmmm, has the Harris County DA finally found a case of actual voter fraud after all these years?

Why yes he has.  It seems a man used his dad’s name to vote.  They have the same name (except for III at the end).  Unfortunately, the man’s father is dead and the guy never registered, so there was one too many votes in the 2008 primary elections.  The man plead guilty and is repaying his debt to society.

So, we’ve had a case of voter fraud, let’s pass voter ID legislation!!!!!!  Oh, that’s right.  The part time Texas legislature is out of session (which is by design).  I expect this case will be brought up again and again when they are back in session, trying to force people to jump through useless hoops simply to exercise their basic right to vote.

Ah, yes.  While I was poking around the KHOU site, I found this little report.  It’s typical: sow confusion and then force voters away without voting.  With all of the talk about requiring a picture ID, I wouldn’t be surprised if many thought that was actually the law.  The county clerk’s office (Republican) doesn’t think anyone was turned away, so that makes it all ok then, right?


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