Webinar Weirdness

Today I “participated” in a webinar.  It consists of listening to someone speaking over the phone and looking at a powerpoint presentation on you pc.

I’ve experienced one other and this one was less than stellar.

Its advertised content wasn’t quite what my boss had expected and I didn’t learn anything I haven’t (or couldn’t have) found out for myself, except that people tend to click on ads that have a picture of a cute young girl smiling.  Surprise surprise.  (Read that in a Gomer Pile voice.)

Participants get all of the material in advance and the audio part doesn’t add much to it, so I don’t understand why it costs so much.  I will probably turn it down if my boss offers me a webinar from the same company again.

And given how much I hate talking on the phone, it was weird hanging on for an hour listening to some person read what was on my computer screen to me.


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