Michael Berry Logic

Let’s try to work through this.

Nancy Pelosi came to Houston a while back — I can’t remember when — and did a fundraiser for the DNC at a local Houston hospital.  Someone with inside info contacted Berry and he told the Teabaggers where to go.  Then as a follow-up (he promised!) he had his people look up who exactly gave campaign donations that day.

Today he thought it would be a good idea to read the names of the campaign donors on the air.  He mocked what push-back he got by claiming that anyone who contacted him trying to shame him was lying.  And he was a City Councilman when Lee Brown was mayor, so he knows how that works!

Most of the people’s names he called out on the air — and encouraged his listeners to contact — their names are in the phone book — are doctors.

Think of the listeners — mostly people with too much time on their hands — jamming the phone lines of your doctor tomorrow.  All of them are calling and asking “why did you give money to Nancy Peliso?!?!?!?!?!” and wasting the time of the answering service and the office staff.  Imagine you want to call one these doctors tomorrow, but you can’t get through because Michael Berry and his army have decided that the work your doctor does is less important than their politics.

Of course these doctors are all Republicans/Conservatives because the set of doctors Berry has met all belong to that group — the set of liberal doctors he has met is nil, so it just leads him to believe that these doctors were paying for a carve out.  Berry never said bribe — no he didn’t!!!  But you know what he meant. 😉

Berry recently boasted that his listening audience is larger than most Texas towns.  DUH.  But how many will actually jam up doctor’s phones?  Who knows?  Will Berry follow-up on that?

I remember when Berry was still a councilman and had a morning show on AM 950.  One show he devoted to Victoria Osteen getting bent about a stain on her airline seat.  His logic?  Why was this such a big deal — while talking about it for three hours.

That’s the way Michael Berry’s logic works.


3 responses to “Michael Berry Logic

  1. The tea-baggers just make me laugh, they are sooooo totally behind the curve. They’ve just discovered the liberating appeal of morphing their political views into a mob of public nuisances. I’m sure the older ones among them were muttering at protesters involved in the struggle for civil rights or as part of the civil rights movement (or more recently, against apartheid and the Bush-Cheney wars). Now that something really earth-shattering and world-changing has come to their slow-witted attention (their sacred sacred money!!!) they’re gonna make everybody pay! You know how politicians regularly say stuff like “the American people are smarter than that” blah blah blah. Well, they should take a closer look at the average tea-baggin’ whiny-ass and consider lowering their estimate of that huge evanescent ghost: da murkn peeple.

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