Since Texas is Backwards

My take on the Props for the Constitution.  (Yes i researched them.  And thanks Roberto for picking up the LWV Voters Guide.)

Prop one: No.  Only benefits the feds via the military.  Only serves the too frail to serve in a way to say they stand up for the troops!  Not gonna happen.  They stand for the money they get from the Department of Defense.  Make due just like the rest of us.

Prop Two:  No.  This is a PAUL I AM A QUITTER BETTENCOURT amendment (Courtesy of Dan Patrick.)

Prop Three:  Yes

Prop Four:   Yes

Prop Five: Yes

Prop Six: No.  This is another Chairborn initiative.   I don;t want to pay for their guilt.

Prop Seven:  No.

Prop Eight: No.

Prop Nine: Yes.  Tough cookies Galveston.  Live by the water, die by the water.  A little more compassion for the displaced non-home owners would do you good.

Prop Ten:  Yes

Prop Eleven:  NO.


One response to “Since Texas is Backwards

  1. OK! now I have to go back and look at the props since I only remember, uh, like 3 of ’em …

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