A Visitor

While I was on the phone with my sis, Murphy and Tammy started barking up a storm.  Once I got everyone in and segregated and off the phone, I went out to discover this creature perched in the Chinese Orchid tree in the front yard:


More after the jump.


There have always been morning doves around to snack on kitty food, but I’ve never seen a white one in these parts before.


I let Dora out, but she didn’t seem to worry about it — no barking.


It was still in the tree just before I let Tam and Murph back out.  Nothing happened.  I guess there were other smells and interesting things going on to distract them.


I don’t know if it’s someone’s pet or wild or what.  I have no way to catch it.  I can only hope it finds its way to a safer place than the tree in the front yard.

I don’t have a good tag for this, so I’ll put it in the one with all the other animals . . .


2 responses to “A Visitor

  1. Wow! I think the nesting season is over for this year (don’t really know) but I’ve heard morning doves can be very lazy about building nests for their chicks and so are fond of finding ready-made places like pots, hanging baskets etc. Hopefully there won’t be a little egg or 2 left on the front porch! The house is turning into a regular Noah’s Ark!

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