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I’ve always listened to a lot of radio.  I’ve always irritated my significant other with my need to listen to the radio to go to sleep.

It started with listening to baseball and to the King Biscuit Flower Hour way back in the day in my bedroom at my parents’ home.  That’s where I also watched the early broadcasts of SNL, Monty Python and The Little Show After Monty Python.  And KLOL in Houston was cutting edge rock and roll in Houston.

I listened to Larry King and Art Bell.  I remember when I found Rush Limbaugh.  I remember when I found Jim Rome.  I remember when KTRH was a news radio station.

People commenting on the Houston Chronicle web site have doubted whether or not I actually listen to Limbaugh at the same time that someone I work with has accused me of being a fan because I’ve always got his show in the background (he’s new).

However, without someone leaning over my shoulder all these years, I have no proof that I have listened to Limbaugh.

Is Limbaugh a racist?  No doubt.  Is Limbaugh all out for himself and trying to increase his measurements on the rating tools advertisers use to make ad buys?  No doubt.   Does he think he is smarter than everyone else?  Have you listened to his show?  Did he leak his ownership bid in the NFL himself?  That’s pretty certain, in my view, given how he loves the attention of the media that he flogs at every opportunity.

Think about it.  Limbaugh makes his money off of media types talking about him and at the same time he indefatigably belittles them — insults them.  But they come running to get his take every time.

Another thing to think about is how old AM radio is. It consists of wingnut talk, religious talk, and non-English stations.  While KTRH may be a hold out, I can see the future — AM radio will be religion and non-English broadcasts.

It’s a good thing Michael Berry has a realtor license.


9 responses to “Radio Radio

  1. KLOL – heh, remember ‘Crash’ ? Wow, i was right there in the audience with you for everything you list. CB radio was fun to monitor back in the 70s too. Maybe you heard the shows when Albert Brooks used to call Larry ? Radio radio.

    So, what about the proggy left in their little airwave ghettos ? Ever stream Farias, Rhodes, Malloy, Hartmann ? Check out Ktlk 1150 in LA. And what of Pacifica ?

    So much battling with the toxic nonsense – i get how fascinating that neverending car wreck can be, but, ever mix in some friendlies ? Just a little positive re-enforcement now and then ?

  2. Oh, yes, I remember Crash!

    I didn’t get into CB radio — my cousins out in West Texas were really into that though.

    I do listen to KPFT and KUHF — the later particularly on Saturday and Sunday mornings. (There was a great piece on health care insurance this morning).

    For whatever reason, I don’t really care for the liberal/progressive counterparts in talk radio. It’s something about the format that works better for spreading lies than getting out facts — IMHO.

    Have you ever listened to Loris Riscalla on KTRH on Sunday afternoons? WINGNUTTY goodness! I’ve called her show a couple of times pretending to be a disaffect conservative who was sent over the edge by the Terri Shaivo (sp?) fiasco. It’s fun especially since the wait isn’t too long.

    And don’t worry — I have some sort of wacky high level tolerance for wingnut talk. I think it’s one of the reasons I don’t have more commenters (not that it’s a big deal). I mostly read and comment on wingnut blogs.

  3. This is an excellent post, for 2 reasons: you are the best person I’ve ever met at explaining the particular draw of listening to the radio, something which I had not done much of before (except the occasional late nights listening to a transistor under the covers, hoping the D.C. AM station would mix in some Hendrix or Cream in between all the bubble-gum hits. And 2nd because once again you are right on target with your analysis of Rush L. The idea that he leaked his involvement, knowing it would lead to a lot of coverage of himself makes perfect sense. And the notion that he is both amused and contemptuous of all his supporters leaping to his defense fits right in with everything we’ve come to learn about him in the past decade-plus. Thanks for the post!

    • So I’m really good at excusing my addiction?!?!?!!?

      You know what made me put that all together about Rush? Man on the Moon was on teevee and I decided to refresh my memory of Andy Kaufman. Rush is an extremely poor imitation of the genius of Kaufman. Rush has managed to 1) stay alive and 2) learned his lesson about which medium suits him. Remember when he had a teevee show? It was a complete disaster.

      Anyway the radio listener measuring system is whack, but there is a new system coming online. I think when it does, Limbaugh’s contract will break Clear Channel

      Or not.

  4. I rather liked his TV show. It had much more of the PT Barnum factor in it than his Radio.

    With the Radio program (I used to listen to it, but I can only stomache so much) I would catch myself falling for the “I’m a reasonable person with reasonable albeit conservative ideas” much easier. On the TV show he had to trot out his ‘dog and pony show’ more often.

    I don’t know if Rush is a racist.. I just haven’t listened to him enough to get a feel for it. I know he purposefully (and in his defense he is not substantially different from other media personalities) uses inflamatory statements to get a buzz. Are some of his racially provocative statements done just to get attention.. yeah I am sure.. is there a true kernel of racism buried in there.. I am not sure.. wouldn’t be surprised either way on that.

    • I find watching Limbaugh do his thing painful. I remember one show where he was sighing a lot and instead of admitting that it was out of exasperation (this was during the primaries last year), he went into some long drawn out explanation about how he had to breathe to speak the way he did. I also remember Ann Althouse (a conservative law professor blogger pretending to be a liberal — I don’t know if you are familiar with her) making excuses for his strange gesticulations when he talked — explaining again that he had to do it to achieve his voice quality. Which is total bs.

      I get what you are saying though.

      In my experience, the people who had been more up front with their racism have come around (I’d like to think after having been around me — but I could be wrong — we all seem to mellow with time). The ones who just skirt the line — plausible deniability — seem to never be able to let that sort of mindset go. I know it’s a generalization, but it’s been my experience.

  5. Racism is a hard hard thing to pin down.

    What I mean by that is the overt racists are hard to find these days, which is of course a good thing. But many of these people that would have made their feelings known are now hiding it instead. And what’s worse there are seemingly tonnes of racists that just plain don’t know/think they are. That’s the hard part, hidden from others and themselves.

    But to throw off the gloomy words above, I really think the 20ish generation is MUCH different. I do believe they seem MUCH less racist than previous ones. This gives me alot of hope for the future.

    As for the Rush thing… mostly his TV show was comedic to me… what I was trying to relate was that I find Rush funny and witty… his TV show was better to me just because I would never find myself believing him long enough to be lulled into his underlying politics.. the radio show did that to me.. I started thinking he was just a pretty reasonable guy that was conservative.. then I would hear something where he bashed drug users as a waste of human flesh or something and I would realize he had fooled me again!

    Anyway keep it up Michelle, I love following your bog!

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