Happily Unexpected Good News

I took the little Siamese in to the SPCA this morning.  (She’s a very sweet kitty girl.  Well behaved and affectionate for the two days she was here in the bathroom.)


The first thing the woman at the SPCA did was scan her and lo and behold, she has a chip!  I couldn’t believe it!  She’s probably been back safely home for a few hours now.  It was such a relief!

But the visit wasn’t all happy.  When I got there, a couple had a little pit bull pup wrapped in a towel.  The SPCA person took a stool sample and then put it in a testing kit.  She was talking to them about Parvo — asking them if they had other dogs — they had one of the pup’s litter mates and another dog.  I looked at them across the waiting room and crossed my fingers and said I hoped the pup was ok.

While they were waiting for the test results, she waited on me.  At one point, she whispered to me that the test result wasn’t good.  So very sad.


2 responses to “Happily Unexpected Good News

  1. Your Kitty-Karma-Kart has definitely run over the brim this year! I bet the little kitty-girl is all curled up and snug tonight, and hopefully those little ears have gotten a good lecture on sticking closer to home and not chasing after butterflies or plastic bags or whatever.

    • Agreed. Hopefully she also gets a collar and a tag with her phone number on it too.

      And right on cue, the little grey and white kitten you spotted across the street before Harry showed up was in the neighbor’s yard this afternoon.

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