I don’t get it

I’ve heard from two different sources that some of the tax cheats involved with UBS are Holocaust survivors.

Am I supposed to feel sorry for them and then excuse them from tax evasion?

First off it is 2009.  Most of that wealth must be from the break up of the Soviet Union.  Former Soviet Republics went through tossing people out of the homes they had known and onto the streets.  It wasn’t their fault.

Second, I can see accountants telling people who might have a connection with what happened in Central Europe and having regained or gotten a large guilt payment putting that wealth in a tax free account.  Those types of things are everywhere.

I keep going back to MAUS.

The wealthy of the survivors and their families have retained their wealth.  The little people who helped them, not so much.

The Jews in the Former Soviet Union were left to fend for themselves.  I remember a woman — a Jewish women — who was left with a shit brown passport — all because she was Jewish in newly Lutheran former Soviet state.

In the end, I can’t get it that the attorneys claim that those who have broken our tax laws are holocaust survivors.  So what?  Would that make anyone from the African Continental War (which should be called WWIII) any more sympathetic?

Holocaust survivors have been out for themselves.  Just look at Madoff.

That slaughters worse than that have happened since is of no interest to them.





Fuck yeah let’s bomb Iran.  Holocaust survivors have been caught in a tax cheating sceem.  That’s enough for Republicans/Conservatives/Libertarians.

(For readers and dupes — this is parody by truth.  So call me unhinged Kevin Whited.  I’m waiting for you to call the same on your side.)


7 responses to “I don’t get it

  1. I haven’t seen enough stories beside the NewsHour but the way I read it was that once again, the snow-white Swiss (banks, if not people) have revealed a filthy streak. I made the assumption (which may very well turn out to be false) that maybe the money in the Swiss banks had never left Switzerland to start with, that it was from the original accounts opened by German and Austrian (and other) Jews, which the Swiss then held on to for all those years in the hope that the original customers hadn’t survived. After the lawsuits brought by the World Jewish Congress (?) the banks had simply owned up to the accounts and part of the settlement was that the rightful owners got their money provided they left it with the Swiss banks. Again, lots of assumptions on my part from the long and nasty history of Swiss banks and the Holocaust.

  2. What are your 2 sources? Can’t believe I missed this… perhaps a coincidence?

  3. The earlier class-action lawsuits brought by the World Jewish Congress were relayed step-by-step on their website (under ‘American Section’, they have ‘sections’ or ‘chapters’ in most countries), and there was also a series of articles in The Economist magazine, 3-4 years ago. Edgar M. Bronfman was then president of the WJC (he’s also chairman of Seagram’s etc.), and he did several interviews during the course of the legal action, including an entire segment on Charlie Rose. But this is all from my supposition that the 2 things might be connected, whereas Michelle might turn out to be right, and it’s just another instance of people avoiding having to pay taxes, knowing full well that what they were doing was illegal. I guess we’ll all have to stay tuned!

  4. Also Bloomberg — this article elaborates on the tax cheats’ reasoning etc.

  5. The Bloomberg article is pretty interesting, although one gets the overall sense that a lot of the “older” folks involved may be a little out of touch with reality. And, although this may sound hardhearted, in the end, is any one excuse better than another? The bottom line seems to be the need for security, a fair amount of greed, and the decision to lie.

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