Late Session Snafu Rescue

I’ve been teaching “War of the Worlds” this session and had planned on showing the film these last two days of classes.  Well, my last netflix DVD got lost in the mail and I didn’t realize it until yesterday, so the “War of the Worlds” DVD did not arrive on time as I had expected.   What to do?

I searched Blockbuster, but the site doesn’t indicate if a particular DVD is at a particular store.  So after work today I set out on my search.  I wanted to show them the original 1953 classic and not the Tom Cruise remake (I really don’t care for Cruise).  Additionally half of the students have seen the newer film.

The first Blockbuster I went to had the Cruise version for rent, but it’s almost two hours long — too long for my purposes, so I asked the clerk if they had the original in stock — just on a whim.  He checked and they did . . . somewhere.  The clerk and I started our scavenger hunt through the store.  We looked and looked and then the clerk got cornered by another customer and I was on my own.  I kept going and going and finally, behind a copy of Jim Cary’s “Yes Man,” I found it!  Huzzah!  And it was only $10.  Hurray!

The day is saved.

On a different note, the past three days we’ve had a visitor:


(I took this pic with the zoom through the side door window — that’s why it’s fuzzy.)

She’s very Siamese, in that she wants my attention but hisses and snaps at me.  Perhaps it’s because I keep telling her to GO HOME.  She’s clearly not a stray (she’s not a cow kitten, tortie or orange tabby).  I think I will try to put out some signs tomorrow if I have time.

Oh, and the other kittens think she’s stinky . . .


2 responses to “Late Session Snafu Rescue

  1. I’m glad you found the movie! From what I remember it sticks pretty close to the original, with the obvious switch from England to US and of course the update to more modern times.
    Those Siamese they are indeed a funny breed. At least she’s not as obnoxious as Coupon Kitty. He was a bad bad cat!

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