Nobel Peace Prize: The Series

While watching the new teevee show Three Rivers, I had an idea.  Beyond the  entertainment value (jury is still out on that) this drama could inform the public about the details involved in organ donation.  In the current episode, one young woman is not a candidate for transplantation because she had cancer, and the rules require that she be in remission for 5 years, but she hasn’t.

My idea?  Let’s have a television program about the Nobel Peace Prize process.  It would answer a lot of questions in a dramatic fashion and might go a long way in showing people who don’t have a clue how it works.

You know, like people who think speculation (rumor) about who is nominated is fact.  And people who don’t understand the nomination process.  And people who disagree with a particular winner suggesting unqualified alternatives.

What do you think?  Should I pitch it?


4 responses to “Nobel Peace Prize: The Series

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  2. La Noonington is amazing … the funny thing is, reading the parody of her style on Wonkette and then taking a look at the original is a seamless enterprise … it’s like her fevered but at the same time lazy pen outruns her groggy brain and the metaphors get all jumbly and bunchy and no amount of working backwards is able to reveal what the hell her original intention might have been … and she gets paid to write like a drunk … life is not fair!

  3. Would your idea be for a dramatic series? Maybe with some light comedy here and there? Or more like a reality show, where various contestants get eliminated at the end of each episode? As a drama I think it might work (I’m imagining split screens and cliff-hangers, a la ’24’).

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