Jokes and Pee-wee Soccer

Oh, and “The Messiah” blasphemy.  That’s Ruth Marcus and David Brooks.  Of course, they both disagree with two undisputed foreign policy experts.

Zbigniew Brzezinski and Walter Russell Mead were interview on The News Hour tonight about President Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.  It was an insightful interview, and Brzezinski in particular felt that this could help the President in working with Israel, Palestine, Afghanistan, and Iran.

However, Brooks pronounced it a joke and that it just encourages “The Messiah” image of the President.  (He said much the same on NPR earlier.)  Marcus compared his receiving the prized to pee-wee soccer.

So whose opinions should carry more weight?

Washington week in review is on next.  I’m pretty sure there will be a lot of smug poo-pooing by the journalists.  Perhaps I shouldn’t prejudge them.

Before that gets started though, let me just say, I am proud of our president and proud of us for electing him.  He’s on the right course and has kept moving forward, despite having the largest set of concern trolls ever in history.


5 responses to “Jokes and Pee-wee Soccer

  1. I am dismayed by how provincial so many media types are. Brooks & Marcus were utterly disgusting and I roused myself from my mildly feverish languor to swear at them throughout their very silly commentary. Brooks in particular was at his oh-so-clever worst (‘who cares what 5 Norwegian lefties say?’) … well, um, apparently more than half the voting population of the country he lives in, along with vast numbers of other folks on this planet, that’s who. And Marcus was just as bad, like a little kid scampering along and trying hard to say something funny about the grown-ups. These are the same people who are always pronouncing about the need for gravitas among our elected leaders? I doubt they would recognize it if it bumped into them on the street.
    I took great heart in what Zbig B said, and especially his last few remarks about how President Obama should take strength from this acknowledgment that he’s on the right path, for those days ahead when he feels beleaguered. I also feel proud for having my country back after 8 years of utter shame and outrage. So today was a big win, morally, and perhaps in very tangible ways in the future. On our side is a huge number of reasonable and hopeful people across the planet, and the other side has the likes of David Brooks and John Boehner (oh, and let’s not leave out the Taliban and Hamas, and probably Likud as well).

  2. That Zbigniew, now he’s one to chime in on this.

    Thanks, Zbigniew, for the Mujahadeen, the Taliban, and of course, Al Qaeda… our(his) chickens that have come home to roost.

    • I know all of that, but my point was that he’s more qualified to give an informed opinion about the meaning of the Nobel Prize than freaking David Brooks or Ruth Marcus. Those two were just throwing poop shamelessly. At least Brzezinski was serious about the questions asked of him.

  3. Agreed.

    But why do they feel the need to call on dregs like Brzezinski to get a qualified answer, especially regarding a “peace” prize? This guy has nothing to do with peace, in fact, he’s one to be held accountable for the f’d up situation the USA is in today.

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