From Africa

We don’t have cable here in the Tam/Dora/Murph/kitten cave, but we do have the internets, and that’s where I first found this amazing young man and his book.

His name is William Kamkwamba and he is a magical person — and inspiring.  As a 14 year old, he built a windmill which produced electricity for his family’s home in impoverished Malawi.

John Stewart interviewed him.  He is just so full of joy.  His book is in the top 10 on Amazon.  I will order it tomorrow.

In my line of work, I have the opportunity to meet the more adventurous souls from around our planet.  I have always been impressed with those students who come from the African continent.  I have an affinity for the place and have for a long time.

From the reviews on  Amazon and William’s interview with Stewart, this looks to be a great read and a memoirs more significant than Sarah Palin’s.  Think about it.  This young man, now 22 years old, has made a stronger impact in the world than Palin had by 22, and arguably even now.


2 responses to “From Africa

  1. Damned at Random

    I saw the wonderful Stewart interview and that young man floored me. School was closed so he spent time in the library and was inspired by a picture in a book! A kid in a poor,obscure village with so much imagination and drive yet he could be another Edison given a little encouragement. I laughed when he said people thought he was crazy from smoking too much pot. What a great story

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