Spreading Lies and Bashing Immigrants

I decided to turn on Chris Baker on Man-talk 950 AM here in Houston this afternoon.  For the first hour and almost half of the second, he was back on his cutesy “criminal aliens” shtick.  Today he’s decided to dumb down reports that NHS and ICE are going to restructure the detention policies regarding illegal immigrants, and explore moving the system from a prison based operation to one dependent on risk levels.  One idea is to use converted old hotels and nursing homes to house people awaiting deportation hearings.

Instead of discussing the merits of the proposals, Baker instead focuses on the cost — $14.00 a day and how dangerous the old motels might be with lead paint, all the while straining to pat himself on the back for the kindness our country shows to “criminal aliens”.

Later, in between talking about some study that claims that women on the pill like girly men and brainstorming about manly-men in Hollywood, he plays a short clip from an interview he had with Michele Bachmann on his second gig — in Minneapolis.  So, what clip did he play?  One in which Bachmann repeats a lie which originated with David Vitter, the Republican Senator from Louisiana.  She stated that congress voted to suspend ACORN funding for one month and that at the strike of midnight on October 31st, ACORN will receive $1 million dollars.


Want the truth?  Then we have to look to Media Matters.  ACORN was awarded the money for fire prevention and safety on September 4, 2009.

In another part of the interview that Baker didn’t repeat on his Houston show, Bachmann claimed that ACORN is getting $5 billion in some bill (it’s unclear which), but they aren’t.  ACORN could compete for the money, but it’s purpose is not something ACORN typically does, so they probably won’t.

Baker’s boss Michael Berry isn’t nearly this sloppy.

Oh, and Baker’s still pretending that he’s based here in Houston.  One guy called up and tried to punk him by asking about a restaurant “up there in Minneapolis,” but Baker didn’t take the bait and wasn’t very happy about it.


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