Oh Noooooes!!!!

Bo Obama pooped on his dad’s airplane!  Or so the terrible rumor-mongers are saying.  (There are some hateful things in the comments at the link.)  He also chews shoes, socks and magazines!

I’ve had a little more experience with this lately than I’d like to admit.  For some reason baby boy Murphy has decided to poop in the house the last month or so.  There’s no rhyme or reason to it — it doesn’t matter if I get home early or late — some days he leaves me a little poopy-present.

Murphy used to chew shoes until I learned to always put them in the closet, and I don’t have one set of sheets that doesn’t have a bite whole in it or worse.  Hopefully I’ve solved that for the future with some of that bitter-tasting spray that I’ve been using.


2 responses to “Oh Noooooes!!!!

  1. You are right about the comments on the link. How does one fake their way through life as a grown-up when they’re permanently stuck in an 8-year old’s world?
    Bo is a real beauty, although he could probably use a little “direction” in his life from someone like Tam.

  2. It’s true that Tam has been a good influence on the Murph, but perhaps she is a little too mild in her instruction.

    He’s been better the last few days, but knock knock knock, thwoo thwoo thwoo if it keeps up.

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