Variety Post!

On the local news just now there was a very short report about a police officer that heard some yelping from a drain pipe.  It turns out there was a little black lab in the drain pipe!  They got her out and named her Lucky.  Sound familiar?  Drain pipe pup Murphy is doing just fine.  He’s a bouncy boy and was very good about taking his monthly medicine (unlike his big sister . . . but that’s another story).

Chicago didn’t get the 2016 Olympics.  It’s a shame.  Awarding it to Rio was something that I think was a good move, but I still feel bad for Chicago.  The ugly underbelly of the whole process was the dickweeds who were concern trolling the President and their sheer JOY when Chicago got knocked out in the first round.  Way to go Weekly Standard and whatever dumbass conservative conference was going on in Virginia.  Talk about showing your ass . . .

President Obama FINALLY met with the general he gave a job to (and who was part of covering up Pat Tillman’s death and who is probably trying to do a power play with wrt troop levels in Afghanistan by letting someone leak his request).  Chain of command means nothing to Obama haters.  I know what he’s dealing with.  People I work with can’t get it either.  And when the boss can’t get with the program a la Bush, you’ve got a problem on your hands.  Now that the President has satisfied the screamers, hopefully things will move ahead.

The meetings with the Iranians seems to have been productive.  I still don’t understand why the Israeli nukes are not an issue.  They have got to be addressed at some point.  Sorry, there shouldn’t be any exceptions when it comes to nukes.

We had an alarm today — not a drill.  It gave me one indication of how much my coworkers value me and our emergency leader.  They argued with both of us about leaving the building and the stupid secretary decided she had to pee mid-alarm.  None of them think about the fact that the two of us have to be the the last to leave.  Fire?  Let me bitch while I slowly leave and you die.  Bomb?  Let me go pee while you wait for me.

And all I can say about Sarah Palin’s “book” is that Van Jones had a best seller before she did.  Arguably his book had a greater impact than hers will.   His book was about others — everyone — regular people — her book is about — her.  Look for Palin’s book to be offered on Townhall as a freebe with a paid subscription to their rag.  Jones did it the hard way.  Palin is on wingnut welfare.

Lastly, I think a truce has been established in Outside Kitten Land.  The terrible orange tabby has been hanging around as has sad gray and white cat and they are not fighting.  They don’t trust one another, but they aren’t fighting.

Sorry I haven’t included any links and will label this unfocused, but it’s been a long week.


One response to “Variety Post!

  1. I’m sorry for Chicagoans but okay with Rio. I am a little surprised that people are reading so much into President Obama’s trip on behalf of his hometown. They reveal far more what political animals they are, with all their Monday-morning quarterbacking about how he shouldn’t have even gone unless he knew it was all locked up. Sounds like they wouldn’t have a problem with either of the elections in Iran or Afghanistan, if that’s the way they think the game is played. Anyway, if it’s still going on next week (the nitting and the picking) then it’s mere pettiness.
    On the question of Iran and the nukes, I agree that Israel’s policy of basically lying has never been addressed, and never followed through as a story, even when the Israeli head of state lets the cat out of the bag himself (and why didn’t he end up in solitary confinement the way other Israeli whistle-blowers have?). I hate the notion of any country (ANY country) having nukes, but a simple look at a map would seem to justify Iran’s paranoia and need. Russia just to the north (nukes), China just to the east (more nukes), sandwiched between 200,000+ United States soldiers in Iraq & Afghanistan, with Israel and its nukes to the west, and of course, the ever-volatile comedy team of Pakistan-India (nukes! nukes! nukes!). But the argument won’t ever get made here, and loudmouth Achmadinejad is his own worst enemy. His inability to shut up about his desire to destroy Israel is pathological. He reminds me of the Donald Sutherland character in “Backdraft” whom Robert De Niro so easily goads into revealing his true nature before the parole board by getting him to giggle and get excited at the prospect of his burning victims. And while I’m on my dumb movie analogies, I have to say that Israel reminds me of the Nicholas Cage character in “Cotton Club”, the psychotic younger brother who depends on Richard (US) Gere to keep bailing him out of his jams.

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