Known as Socrates now, with his companion, Polly:


He’s growing up to be such a handsome boy!


5 responses to “Sam!

  1. They are beautiful! Do you think he’s named Socrates because he never stops bugging Polly with questions?

    • Unfortunately, I think it is because of his white sox.


      I love seeing him strong and happy.

      If only I could see Jessie eating bonbons, or Peaches wrapped around some willing human’s neck.

      I miss them.

  2. I need to print out some of the baby-pix for the upcoming trip … there’s quite a roster of the little ‘saved’ ones by now!
    But really, because of his socks? ‘sock-rates’?! well, that’s still cute … Polly’s eyes are very intense. Imagine her & Jessie, together, staring at you!

    • I wish I could remember to take the camera out with me when I feed the Oks. I want to get a shot of Harry ‘swimming’ with Junebug and Braveheart.

      And yes, from what I gathered, that’s why he got the name.

      Polly is a beautiful cat and yes just thinking about her and Jessie staring at me is a little — intense!

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