“Lefty, how do you FEEL being lumped in with this guy?”

Meh.  You are the one doing the lumping, Kathleen, and I don’t really think that your opinion matters much to me and mine.

You keep fishing, but your bait is sour and all I can say is good luck with your crusade to get the good ole boys to vote for a “darkie”.  Get back to me when you have found a minority to run for elective office here in Texas (who wasn’t appointed in the first place).  The last one I remember was failed business owner and one time mayorial candidate Sanchez.

On the local level, the Dems seem to have a good mix.  Kuff has interviews with absolutely everybody.

And while I don’t really care for football — GO COOOGGGGGSSSS!!!!!!!


3 responses to “Bait

  1. 60%+ of the Venezuelans who have been ignored and kept impoverished by the successive governments which we supported and encouraged seem to think quite well of Hugo C. Was Chavez hyperbolic when he compared President Bush to Lucifer? Of course. Lucifer’s never been a stumble-bum and his fluency and eloquence in many languages is well attested to (hell! it’s in the Bible!)

    • HA!

      You know, I actually have problems with Chavez wanting to be president for life, and that according to some of my students, the recount of the paper ballots generated by their electronic voting machines was flawed (hey but at least they had them — here you just have to TRUST THE MACHINE).

      But a neatly defined black/white world is so much easier to deal with than all that damned gray . . .

  2. On the surface (and maybe a few centimeters further down as well) Hugo C. is a populist blowhard for sure (although it’s hard to think of populists in the old-fashioned meaning of the word who weren’t blowhards, including some of our sainted Founding Effs – Sam Adams, anyone? Patrick Henry? Tom Paine?) BUT Hugo C. has a fair bit of boring substance to back up the crimson shirts and the sloganeering. I like the fact that he’s helping to subsidize the university presses in both Caracas & Maracaibo to turn out entire sets of encyclopedias and atlases etc., which are then being given out to poor & working class families, not with any expectation that they will immediately be read but in order that those families will have something real to pass on to their children that increases in value over time. Imagine that! If you don’t have property or cars or bank accounts, you might still have something like … books (and the knowledge, culture, and power which they represent) …. call me a dreamy bookworm, but I think it’s as revolutionary as it is old-fashioned.

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