Oh yeah, Michael Berry went there . . .

While he tried to focus his one hour show on President Obama over-exposing himself and his interview with Glenn Beck, his callers were more focused on a local story.

Last year, a Houston police officer was killed by an illegal immigrant in a stop where the officer had pulled the man over and placed him in custody, but the man had a gun and shot the officer.  The wife of the officer, who is also an officer, has sued the city.

The two callers that I heard while running errands and driving home were very possessive about police department equipment and their taxes.  They were both probably old white guys, as Michael Berry could deduct as well.  Why should they pay more for a black police officer not doing his job right?  So, he died.  So, they “feel” for his family.  But damn it all if their taxpayer cop cars and their taxpayer cops do something their taxpayer (but non-cop) asses have to pay when there is a lacking.

Berry tried to bridge the gap by suggesting that the killer had the gun “up his rectum.”  This made the one caller uncomfortable because he had to argue about asshole and gun sizes with Berry on the air.  Berry said, “He’s a big guy.”  Or something like that.

Oh, did I mention that the slain police officer was black?

So let’s break this down.  The chief is black, the slain officer is black, Michael Berry’s callers are old white guys.  Of course they think that they will pay individually for this crime, and claim that they own the police department (while wanting to de-fund every branch and tree of government — every man for himself!!!!!).

Completely predictable.

Did Berry diffuse anything?  No.  He just stepped on his own interview of a personality that he already has on board and agreed with him, while the person Berry idolizes (wants to replace?) sends a shot out.

Gees, and I thought it was bad being a Democrat.

HAHA moment — Berry said Clinton left office in 2002.  And then whored himself and his book until he was shamed to go underground and claimed there was some magazine showing Clinton circling the drain.  HAHAHAHA.  Lucky tags tonight Michael.

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