I Bought a “Beware of Dog” Sign Today

I felt a little sad about it.  Poor Dora, she gets such a bad rap.  But she’s the one who bit the water heater guy, and NEIGHBOR just can’t resist teasing her.  He walks along the sidewalk holding his hand just high enough so that she (Dora with her bad little leg) can’t jump up and bite him.  Dick.

I’ve seen one little girl ride her bike in the street until she gets to my house, and then she rides on the sidewalk.  She does this consistently, with her mom still walking in the street.  Dora always barks.

I’ve got to put the sign up, just to protect Dora.  It makes me a little sad though.

Yeah, that’s all I could come up with.  I literally worked in the ditch today and I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow — just one more day off, please!!!!!!


3 responses to “I Bought a “Beware of Dog” Sign Today

  1. Just remember … the sign will be pointing out in the street so Dora won’t see it … and besides, Do-do cain’t read!

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