Pointing Fingers, Cooking and Being Lazy

And now we go in reverse.

I am lazy, at least for today.  It was beautiful.  What a pleasant fall we are rolling into.  The outside kittens are happy and playful, Tammy got a well need brushing (Murph did too, though he didn’t really need it — he loved the attention).  I cleaned up Tammy-fur before Dora came back in to avoid the disturbing spectacle of Dora trying to eat Tammy-fur.  It’s weird having to deal with two so diametrically opposite pups, i.e. one wants to kill the other.

While I was eating lunch today, the local PBS had reruns of Julia Child’s cooking shows on.  I vaguely remember seeing some of them.  It was amazing to see her give such detailed advice on buying a roasting hen and how 5 people could serve 300 people omelets in 20 minutes.  (That last one made me wish I had gone out to the farmers market this morning and gotten some eggs.  I’ve been doing it wrong for years YEARS I tell you.)

It also reminded me that I haven’t gone to see the movie Julie & Julia.  Perhaps I haven’t missed my opportunity yet!  (I just checked the listings.)

I decided to test the theory that dogs understand finger pointing — I heard it on some program on NPR or PBS, I can’t remember.  Dora hadn’t eaten dinner this evening, but wanted a chewie.  I pointed to her food bowl.  She tried to follow, but Cisco and Caroline got in on it and distracted her for a short time.  She eventually got it and ate her dinner.  It could just be that she was hungry and gave up on me.


6 responses to “Pointing Fingers, Cooking and Being Lazy

  1. But Dodo’s a pointer, isn’t she?

  2. Definitely go see Julie and Julia. I saw t when my stepdaughter ws here and we both LOVED it. (I have the hots for Stanley Tuchi, go figure)

  3. Okay, I don’t exactly have the hots for Stanley Tucci but he’s always been one of my faves … even his supporting roles (Road To Perdition, Kiss Of Death, etc.) are great …
    but maybe J&J this weekend? I’ll be in town after all …

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