I Want Michael Berry to Answer for Russell Hantz

First off, Russell is a white man.  So is Michael Berry.  Russell said he’s from Houston.  He’s not.  Russell said some nasty things about people and did some nasty things to people his first night.  I want Michael Berry to answer for that.

I want Michael Berry to answer for the chain emails that went around about a shop that closed on September 11th.  Why didn’t he interview them?  (I know the answer already.)

I want Michael Berry to defend Glenn Beck calling the President a racist.  With proof of it.

I want Michael Berry to admit that people working in an office don’t expect to be victimized by perhaps illegal spoofs.  I want Michael Berry to give ACORN the bennefit of the doubt, just as he has Paul Bettncourt when that public servant was denying people the right to vote.  (Ask Shern-Min Chow, Michael.)

I want Michael Berry to admit that by NOT interviewing the person responsible for the chain emails about the shop in Houston as vigorously as the he did the shop manager, he let a lot of us down.

Michael, the email is what is toxic.  You know that.

But you couldn’t touch that with a ten foot poll.

Attack ACORN all you want.   You’re failure here speaks volumes.


5 responses to “I Want Michael Berry to Answer for Russell Hantz

  1. Michelle, you are smart, witty, and often insightful. But my interview with the shop owner did more to dispel the silly email chain than trying to track down some angery emailer. The issue wasn’t the person who spies black helicopters, the issue was the posting. I felt I did some good for the discussion by offering the owner an opportunity to tell his side.

    C’mon, now. You are free to call me on my shortcomings, but I think you’re off base on this one.

    • Michael, you have more faith in your audience than I do. These chain email rumors never die.

      I’m far more interested in who started the whole nonsense than the poor guy who had to apologize to you, as well as answer your patronizing question, “what would you have done differently?” Ask that same question of the chain emailers and get back to me. I’m sure they see themselves as victims, what with their tender sensibilities offended by a sign on the door (for one day) of one shop in Houston.

      It’s also irresponsible to fantasize about how, if something similar had happened in a Muslim country, the shop would have been bombed or burned down. As your first caller stated, and you so quickly brushed off, Americans have done much much worse than putting up a sign on a shop for one day.

  2. Mr. Berry, a couple of months ago a white man cut me off in traffic. I would like to know why.

  3. Sorry Roberto.. my bad

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