While it took a little time for Sad Grey &White Kitten to incorporate himself into the Junebug/Braveheart dinner/breakfast time routine, we have made huge steps forward.

Here is a teaser picture of the Outside Kittens.  They are all very friendly with each other.


More . . .




Harry swims with the oldsters and has made friends with Sad Grey&White Kitten.

He’s fit in so well I half expect for a little grey tabby to show up.


3 responses to “We Are FAMILY

  1. YaY for OK family. Harry’s a sweetheart but you know me, seeing SG&WK just minding his own business and having a little chow with all the other guys is really special.

  2. Our neighbor called last week and said we had a cougar in the neighborhood (actually, laying on his picnic table) so I trapped Kim Chee and made her an inside kitty. I had been trying to coax her in the door, and she stepped across the threshold momentarily a couple of times- I wanted her in for the winter, but I had hoped to let her make the decision gradually. Well, she settled right in- no fighting, no charging the door to get ouside. I think it helps that she has been visiting the cats through the window screens for the past year.

    • Good for you and Kim Chee! It’s great that they all get along, too.

      That’s rather frightening to have a cougar prowling around.

      Around here, we get pack dogs every once in a while and the occasional loose pit bull. The outside kittens have the entire backyard and garage to hide in though, so I don’t worry much about them in that regard. I do worry about them running into snakes since we are so close to the bayou.

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