President Obama’s Speech

My goodness.  This is what I hope to teach my students about giving a speech.

He was crisp, didn’t let the applause stomp on his words and took it to the people who have been behaving badly.  (I want to know who the knuckhead that shouted ‘lie’ is.  If it is a congress member, then that is just shameful.  We’re not in the UK, you know.)

I’m glad I recorded this one.  It’s keeper.

I watched it on ABC — don’t usually watch that channel — now I know why.  What crap is on my teevee now — some sort of clutz show.  Good god.

The dickweed who screamed “you lie” at President Obama was dickweed Joe Wilson from South Carolina.  A state with ridiculously high unemployment and a governor who is still in office after disgracing himself by trying to make a big deal about not taking stimulus money while being a family values politician while forgetting he has a family.  What a sorry state. (via TPM)

The disrespect and deliberate attempts at humiliation attempted by elected and GOP officials towards this president — with no merit whatsoever — is amazing.  Let alone the constant pounding he has taken on all of the airwaves.  That he is still standing, dignified, is a monument to what we all have been working toward.  Progressives had better get behind this man.  He’s the best leader we’ve had in a long time.  He has a stronger spine than most in that body.

Wingnuts win again on local news.  The dickweed gets publicity and the response gets more air than the president.

They are more focused on the Aggie bonfire.

It’s almost useless to try to reason with people here.  The local news is oh so very conservative while the population isn’t.

I’m out.  To think that today the topic on wingnut radio was who is more influential Michael Vick or the president.  As many of my students answer, I say yes.



8 responses to “President Obama’s Speech

  1. I agree entirely. Also, I need to remember that I watch ABC because of George S. not Charlie Gibson who’s a dim-bulb with illusions of grandeur. Besides, he showed his ass way back during the debates when he whined about how then-candidate Obama would raise his (his, Charlie’s!) taxes.
    But it was a great speech and the ugliness from the Republican side only served to magnify the beauty of what President Obama said. I was so happy that he finally did it and called Sarah Palin a liar (and he didn’t even have to speak her name). And I loved the line about “if you misrepresent this bill we will call you out”. Right on.
    Now you know how I personally feel about grown men getting all weepy (unless it’s in moments of genuine grief), but the last bit of the speech, everything our President said about Teddy Kennedy as well as the real character of Americans, brought tears to my eyes. But hey, there was no one around but Stumpy & Koshka and they won’t hold it against me.
    Nancy looked seriously pissed off at the ugliness and disrespect. Poor South Carolina, they are in serious competition to take away the title of Trash-State from Florida.
    Dr. What’s-His-Name was a laugh. Talk about a rerun. Louisiana sends another one up to bat and …. strike out!
    As with anything involving us Democrats, I’ve got my tiny little quibbles with the bill, but it’s time to close ranks. Health care this year. I’m hopeful.
    Oh, and tomorrow there will be emails to the Speaker and the White House (and, if I can keep my cool, Cornyn and Hutchinson as well) telling ’em GREAT JOB on the one hand and DO THE RIGHT THING to those last two.

  2. I’ll does it! (email to SJL, I mean)

  3. “Joe Wilson is a champion. Joe Wilson is a hero. Stand tall Joe Wilson” – Mike Gallagher.

  4. NPR mentioned that Wilson’s likely Democratic opponent in the next election reported that funds have been pouring in to his campaign.
    Also, unrelated but a propos an earlier post, Clarence Page had a good editorial in the HouChron today about Van Jones.

    • Yeah, last I read he’s raked in over $500K in less than 24 hours. A wingnut blog tried to get the same thing going for Wilson, but it doesn’t look like it’s materializing.

      I found the Page op/ed. Very good.

      I was listening to a bit of Hannity today when he was interviewing Wilson. Hannity said that their jobs were very similar. I ran into our mildly wingnutty co-worker and told him what Hannity had said. The co-worked agreed, until I pointed out that if Hannity isn’t responsible for legislation, and if his audience goes away, he just loses a job. If Hannity screws up, it’s just on him. If a congress person screws up, we could all pay the price. So when I read this

      Significantly, Jones’ remarks hardly ventured further to the left than Beck’s rambling commentaries swerve to the far right. But Beck’s a talk-show host. When he goes over-the-top and accuses Obama of “deep-seated hatred of white people,” as he did recently without offering evidence to back it up, he gets bigger ratings. A presidential appointee would get the ax.

      from Page’s piece, it reminded me of that conversation

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