Van Jones Should Stay

The man has a sense of humor.  He has made inroads into the nearly all white environmentalist movement and made it count for inner-city people.

His effectiveness is reflected in the hate/stupidity he has attracted.

He’s only being attacked because of Color of Change — a group I joined a while back.

Why can’t people understand that Glen Beck is just about making money for Glen Beck?

What does he make or produce?  What does he do and how much does he make doing it?  What does Van Jones do?  How many people does he help get a job?

There is no comparison.

Entertainment?   No, that’s not what Beck or Hannity or Bennet or Gallagher or any of the others do.  It’s not even entertainment.

Van Jones is doing something productive.

17 responses to “Van Jones Should Stay

  1. There is something sad (and/or creepy) about how quickly republicans latch on to words and phrases which they then use to grossly simplify any argument whatsoever. They remind me of the Borg (one mouselike brain between the lot of them). Ruthless old Poppy used it with “liberal” and then the sudden glee with which rightwingers latched onto “fascism” (as in Islamofascism, which is a meaningless and deeply meaningless concept), and suddenly realize they can use it against people on the left just because of a flawed and unfinished and 8th-grade level thesis by one of their ‘brightest’ stars, that execrable 4th-rate mind, Jonah Goldberg. Except that it means nothing, and does no damage, because fascism, real fascism, as represented by the views of those past figures who intelligent people accept as genuine fascists (Adolf, Benito, any number of rancid Latin American scumbags who past US administrations regularly feted and larded with armaments paid for by US taxpayers, etc.), is more in line with their own most profound feelings and prejudices than with the other side’s. And pretending that it isn’t doesn’t change anything. In response to things about the Obama administration which drive rightwingers nuts (which is practically everything, from the innocuous to the important), grotesques like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity etc., have taken to leveling accusations of racism. Racism, of all things, something both of those creeps (and their fans) have never come close to remotely experiencing but have done all they could to fan the flames of. This is something that angers and disgusts in equal measure. Sometimes the world does go black and white, I’ll admit that much. And this is one of those times. Any white guy in a position of insulated, consequence-free power such as a radio or tv talk-show host, who chooses deliberately to accuse an elected or appointed African-American politician or civil servant of racism, is a shameless, dishonest liar. There’s a real weirdness on the right, as there always has been, a real sickness and psychological dysfunction that refuses or is unable to see nuance or subtlety or gradation (in other words, a total blindness to reality). All they have to offer is an agenda of hate, and the only time in history that hate has given people jobs has been in places like Germany under the Third Reich, and many of us remember what those jobs were. They need crazies like Beck and bloated buffoons like Limbaugh to get their blood up but they are a beaten party filled with chickenshits, and they don’t have the stamina or the strength to drag America back into their dark little corner.

  2. Thank you – and well said !

    And hell yeah, VJ needs to stay.

  3. Yeah, I’ve read a couple of blogs that think he should have been dumped yesterday (Friday before a long weekend), but I disagree.

    It’s just attempted character assassination.

  4. Jones is already gone.

    I can’t believe the likes of glenn beck have come to have this much influence.

    Sanford, Vitter, they stay. Van Jones rolls under Obama’s bus. And they had to know Jones’ entire cv when they picked him – so this is entirely due to beck’s noise.

    • Yeah, I heard it just before I went to sleep. Needless to say, I am disappointed.

      I spent yesterday evening trying to comment on wingnut blogs — pointing out that they were all ok with having convicted felons in the White House, but then they go ape shit over this guy — someone who is helping drag this country into the 21st Century.

      I’m bummed.

      I read somewhere that they’re going to go after Valery Jarritt (sp?) next. I’m going to do a little research, and will post on it.

  5. I saw the news this morning. Very disappointing.

  6. Is it possible to post links up in here ?

    Check out Harvey Wasserman’s VJ post-mortem, at common dreams and elsewhere.

    “Obama Has Fed His Green Jones to King CONG”

    • Yes, if you know the HTML — otherwise, you can paste the URL in and I will format it for you.

      If you want to try it yourself it’s: {a href=”the url”}highlighted word{/a} but change the brackets to the less than and greater than symbols.

    • Not that I disagree with the article you linked to — because I think the repercussions are true — but I tend to think this was simple payback. Van Jones was a founder of Color of Change. Color of Change has been successful — like no other effort — to get advertisers off Beck’s show.

      I’ve given it some thought, and have looked up Fox News Channel’s advertisers, and I think I will both change my shopping habits and write some emails or real letters.

      I was disappointed to see that Target advertises on Fox News. That one will hurt, but I will get by. With auto insurance, I’m going to have to do some digging.

      To support Van Jones, I will donate to Green for All and check out how to get solar panels on my new roof, though that will have to be after I get my house rewired.

      It’s still just such a let down. I read about Jones and then the PBS show NOW had a profile of him. I was so excited about him. I read what he had posted at Huffington Post and thought that if I were in his position, I’d feel much the same way.

      Beck won this one.

  7. arrgh – that’s Brad Friedman, not byrd. Very good job refuting this trash on air tonight.

  8. Your links confused wordpress sorry — but your second try got through.

    I was writing a VJ related post while you were trying to comment, sorry.

    I’m gonna go look at your links now.

    Are we fighting back? That’s what it feels like. I feel like we are fighting back. Let’s keep fighting back!

  9. Well, as long as you’re up – Brad is still blastin away until 11 – stream it at ktlk

    • Sigh, I am on dail up now, but this will motivate me to get wireless. I learned this weekend that my land line company advertises on Fox, so it looks like I will be changing the phone and internet connections now.

      Feel free to update with what is being said that I can’t get to — I’ll be here for an hour or so.

      And thanks, for staying with this.

      We will make this planet better.

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