What am I missing?

I’ve never had cable, but the complete craziness that is Glenn Beck draws me like a magnet.  So what if only 1% of the people in this country watch him — the point is to get more, no?

His radio show can’t compete with Limbaugh or Hannity, so that’s why he always sells the visual on his radio program.  Dimwit Pat Grey (Gray) late of local Houston radio can’t be of much help.

Kathleen (commenters are fun!) seems to think Beck is the man of truth.

This way lies rebellion and dare I say it: treason.

I just had to put that in there 🙂

Classes start tomorrow and I am already behind.  Fall is such an ass-kicker.

If Kathleen had a job, what would she do?

I suggested that we have some tissues and wipes in our classrooms.  We get the benefit (I guess) but I spurred my boss to go with a more environmentally negative solution.


At this point I just want to survive her.

3 responses to “What am I missing?

  1. Off-topic but: looks like Vigo M. in The Road?

    • I thought I had told you that at least a few months ago . . . but yeah. There was an article on the Chronicle about ‘best movie dads’ and his character was the first.

      Is it coming out soon — this weekend? That would be one that I would need a day to decompress from.

      I’m looking it up — may do a post. I’m so fried at this point.

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