What Gracious Co-workers

You know, I don’t much care for my boss, but I would attend her funeral and be nice about it.  I would definitely attend any of my co-worker’s funerals.  (And I must add a knock knock knock, twu twu twu, because I am superstitious.)

Not that Ted Kennedy was their boss or anything, but he was their co-worker at the very least.  Nevertheless, neither Cornyn nor Hutchison could be bothered to attend Kennedy’s funeral.

Kay says she had meetings.  We all know what that means:  she didn’t want to go because the she needs the nasty people to vote for her for governor.  Cornyn, on the other hand, was caught flat-footed.

And just for good measure, could Michael Berry explain this logic to me?

Many say the dead deserve respect, but if he showed no respect for the death of Mary Jo, then why should anyone respect his death?

I’m not talking about the facts here, but rather the logic of it.  It seems to explain a lot to me about how people like Kathleen and perhaps Michael Berry think.

But what I really want is for Michael Berry to compare my writing to Kathleen’s writing — on air and just identify her as Rightwingsparkle or Texassparkle on the Houston Chronicle.  It would be a great head-to-head with Michael Berry being the arbiter.  That would make my day 😉


2 responses to “What Gracious Co-workers

  1. The logic is the qualified logic of the self-righteous (and note that intimate use of “Mary Jo”!, a woman whose work in the politics of Massachusetts clearly indicated she was a ‘liberal’ and therefore someone who a hypocrite like Kathleen could care less about except as a stick to beat Ted Kennedy with). I still remember the day that J.Edgar Hoover died and I met my Dad on his way back from work… now, my Dad who was a classic Democrat at that point (meaning he was liberal on most domestic social issues but a hardcore Cold Warrior) despised J.Edgar, but as soon as he saw me and knew what I might be about to say preempted me with “Don’t speak ill of the dead.” I’ve always remembered that. By the logic expressed in the quote from the post I should have shown no respect for the death of Ronald Reagan, a man who very directly, through acts both of negligence and specific command, went to his grave with the blood of many fellow Americans on his hands (remember the early days of full-blown AIDS, and the attitude of his administration? ‘Let’s wait and see if the bodies piling up are just gays & Haitians before we do anything’?) as well as the blood of tens upon tens of thousands of Central American peasants (and priests, and teachers, and lawyers etc. etc.) who were butchered by the criminals he had the shocking treacherous nerve to compare to the New England militias during the Revolution. Also (too), Kathleen wears her conversion to Catholicism on her sleeve but she gets a D- in understanding the theology which underpins her own church. Every time that woman types something out of boredom or vanity the angels in heaven must weep! The End.

    • AIDS and apartheid are topics that the Reagan lovers don’t want to touch.

      Their favorite country — Israel — help sustain apartheid, and according to the local news, their stinginess will lead to the sunset of the law that helps those who have contracted AIDS.

      It’s always “I’ve got mine” and never about their own. Because they already have it.

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