So Very Very Stupid

Some may remember Lisa Shiffren*.  Well, she’s gotten no smarter:

Who better to succeed the greatest Senate advocate for welfare, labor rights, and nationalized health care, than . . . former governor Mitt Romney. As Peter Roff at U.S. News suggests, should Romney run for and win that seat, he would actually be in a position to make a real difference in the health-care debate. Needless to say, proving himself effective in that role — and why wouldn’t he? — would put him in a far better position to run for president in 2012.

Mittens doesn’t live in Massachusetts anymore.

I don’t think you can run for a senate seat in a state where you don’t live.  I know, I know, Hillary ran in New York, but at least she lived there when she did.

Update:  Surprise!  Even the mouthpiece for Malkin, the NewYorker who hangs out with this guy, thinks Mittens is good to go on the senate seat, and almost all the people agree!

6 responses to “So Very Very Stupid

  1. Well, it’s not clear that he was legally entitled to be governor of Massachusetts because of residency issues, but a gazillion dollars can make a lot of people look the other way.

    • I know, but this is the senate, and I would think that under the spotlight a run by Mittens would create, given that he has run for pres and all that, the residency issue would be more prominent.

      And dude, thanks for commenting. You don’t know it, but I backed you up on Jeffy’s blog a number of times — under a different name, of course, and much didn’t get through the filters that be there, but you have a special place in my heart for fighting against their exposing people’s work info (even when they were wrong).

      And Lisa is still stupid.

  2. Thanks for that backup. I really wasn’t the person who posted whatever it was that got up Jeff G.’s nose — there are a lot of people at my company, and I’ve probably never even met whoever the commenter was — but I’m also opposed to exposing the anonymous/pseudonymous on principle. Work is my main reason, and I know it’s a lot of other people’s, too.

    • It’s something I don’t understand with that crowd at Jeff’s blog — they are so very certain about exposing people and get some sort of thrill from it. And no matter how many different ways you tell them they got it wrong, they won’t ever back down. And I completely agree about exposing people — I’ve been threatened with that before myself. It’s just wrong and I would never think of doing that to someone else.

      And thanks for the link!

  3. Didn’t he have like a 32% approval rating when he left office? Hard to see him running for dogcatcher, let alone Senator.

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