Oh, enough of this already

I’m sick and tired of the myth of that republicans/conservatives don’t do protests unless they are really really motivated.  I drove by the local Planned Parenthood site late last Saturday morning and the protesters were out there, just as they have been for years.  And this video shows that people have been out in rage for a long time — it’s dated 1989.  And let’s not forget that those republican/conservatives have long used their children as props — whether it is about abortion or end of life issues.  I can’t be the only person who remembers children — egged on by their parents — trying to give Terri Shiavo a sandwich.

So when people like me get preached to like this, I take it for what it is.

The thing about conservatives, especially non political conservatives, is that they don’t take to “protesting.” They see it as silly for the most part.

As I pointed out, they have been protesting since 1973.

We conservatives tend to be very busy. We work hard to pay our bills and taxes. We go to school. We raise our kids, and we spend our weekends watching our kids play sports, and going to church. We don’t have time to “protest.” Most of us don’t even have time to pay much attention to politics, other than what we catch on the nightly news. We vote and we give to campaigns we agree with, and we have always felt that that was enough.

I must point out that Kathleen has been unemployed for years now and has spent a good number of the last few years hanging out on the internet, relaying lies and smears.  (Much like the rest of the unemployed wingnuts.) I’m quite certain that she regrets not being able to bash Clinton online while he was in office and regrets that Obama won the nomination — and not for the reason you might think — she was just waiting with Hillary bashing galore!

But back to her view of republicans/conservatives — when asked about this statement, she responded:

I think you are simply reading into it things that are not there. I in no way imply that if you aren’t conservative you have the opposite qualities. I have good friends who are Democrats. I know we share many qualities. I was simply describing the conservatives that I have known my whole life and why they haven’t been politically active and are now.

Uhm, no, that’s not quite right. Her whole point was to emphasize that republicans/conservatives are way too busy with life’s requirements to do something like protest — implying both that they never had before today and that they are employed types who are religious and focus on their kids and church.

She’s been an activist for a while now according to her comments, when it is convenient for her, but not when it isn’t.

As Sean Hannity emphasizes — it’s retired people and stay at home moms who are fueling the anger at town hall meetings.

Most of us liberals are still at work — even though I am on vacation this week — again — yay! (I earned it, dammit!)

3 responses to “Oh, enough of this already

  1. That’s pretty funny. So, repubs/conservatives find it a waste of their busy busy church-going lives to protest against illegal wars, or apartheid, or against the atrocities of segregation etc., but when it comes to their taxes or sticking their noses in other people’s sex lives or demanding that women adhere to their particular notions of how to treat their own bodies, well then, no barricades will hold them back! What a laugh.

  2. Good point, Michelle. You are right, that this is a case of conservatives protesting for years. I actually hadn’t thought about it.

    • You haven’t — as far as I know — been one of the people perpetuating this line of thought. The particular blogger I pointed out (who has a platform on the the Houston Chronicle) tries to pull this bs all the time.

      Thanks for seeing that she’s misguided. And just an FYI, if you tried to point that out to her on her blog, she probably wouldn’t know who you are and would most likely attack you.

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