A Post about Nothing in Particular

When I woke up earlier than I expected to thins morning, I decided to go research the farmer’s markets around town.  It’s something that has been on my to do list since I got the little freezer.  Up to now, it’s just held a turkey or two and some little bags of fruit and vegetables.  I want to get back into the rhythm of what is seasonal and fill my freezer with goodies.

The first one wasn’t really what I was looking for — I had an idea in mind based on the long-standing farmer’s market that mostly has farmers from the valley, but you don’t know if their produce is organic or not.  There were only a few booths and little of it was actually food.

I made my way to a market further away from home.  It was better and I should have gotten there earlier.  After looking at what was for sale, I went back to the booths I was interested in, but one was out.  My bad.

I bought free fair trade coffee from Mexico and Rwanda.  I’ll still probably supplement that with Community Coffee from NOLA.  I also got some jalapenos, yellow squash, okra and new potatoes.  All but the potatoes I prepared and put in the freezer.  I relied upon an old Fannie Farmer Cookbook for help.

I also bought some Gulf shrimp and some beef.  Both were frozen.

It’s a Saturday routine I could get into — buying fresh and then freezing.

I still want to check out the Tuesday market.

I watched some of the PBS cooking channel and have decided that I need to get my backyard in shape, so I can grill grill grill!  And try my hand at growing my own.  I don’t know if I can get it together for a fall crop, but a spring crop next year is a specific goal.

Turned on CBS news.  It’s depressing in some ways, not in others.  I think Obama will get Gitmo closed, especially with former prosecutors on board.

Jim Webb still disappoints me on that score, though he did the right thing in Burma.

I listened to the Civil Right Online today while I was blanching vegies.  She had Joe the Plumber on for what seemed like hours.

After he was gone, she took a call from one of his detractors and then argued with her.  Having gone out of her way to get positive people on the air again and again, it’s no surprise that she didn’t let a detractor on until he was gone.

It’s typical wingnut radio strategy.

And her advertisers?  Her political allies.  No surprise there.


4 responses to “A Post about Nothing in Particular

  1. I know there’s been a market at Rice (set up in these little white tents between the campus Post Office & the stadium) every Tuesday for a while now. Is that the one you’re talking about? I’ve considered walking over there after work, maybe this week (& I can report back!)
    Off topic (but maybe not since your subject line was what it is): as you suspected, last night was a bust and we didn’t even try (the storm hit the Woodlands right about when we’d have been arriving, according to the folks at the ticket counter, who were “heading for shelter”). Besides which, the “freebies” apparently never showed up anyway. Guhwaaaa!

  2. “I bought free trade coffee from Mexico and Rwanda.”

    You probably mean “fair trade” – or else, why brag about it ?

    Interesting how often the two terms are confused. I suppose “Free” just has a stronger root in our 21st century American brains than does “Fair”.

    But even for the fear-steeped ‘freedum isnt free’ crowd – really, isn’t that kind of first principle so fiercely held that it may in fact be considered a given ? Are you really so ready to surrender it, obscenely bloated pentagon budget or not ? Maybe it does seem fragile to those who are quick to embrace things like the Patriot Act, and fifty cent shirts at Walmart.

    Speaking of wallyworld, there is also that other reading of ‘free’, the highly appealing and juvenile – “something for nothing”. This is, i suspect, even more deeply burrowed into the modern American debt-ridden consumer psyche.

    “Fair” is a much more complex, moral, social proposition. It resides somewhere up above the lizard core of the brain. And, frankly, it just sounds namby-pamby, and naturally suspect. So, it’s understandable how often and easily “Free” swoops in and bird-dogs this other meddlesome concept’s place in our thought.

    But so what. Good on ya shopping the farmers market and fixing with non-exploitative caffeine.

    • AK!!!! I’ll fix it, thanks. No excuses, just a plain old mistake. Thanks for catching it.

      I’m actually really big on the concept of “fair” — to the point that the people I work with get tired of hearing about it.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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