Red, White and Blue: Worst on PBS

It’s been taken over by Dan Patrick.

It’s like it’s a war between Dan Patrick and Michael Berry.  Patrick is trying to consolidate Houston, Berry is trying to go national.

The RW&B guys are on Dan Patrick’s radio show every Friday.  It’s always slanted, always doubled up.  I feel for David, but he has apparently agreed to this situation, as has the other blue dog who shows up on KPRC.

To have Ed Hendee debate an elected official is ridiculous.  Who does Ed Hendee have to answer to?  Where are his town hall meetings?

For that matter, why did Michael Berry get out of politics?  It’s easier to sling shit from a radio than it is to get elected.  Limbaugh, Hannity, Gallagher et al know that.

Red, White and Blue is worthless now.  It’s just shit slinging.

And it just gets worse.  Why give Ed Hendee yet another soapbox to speak from?

And worse.

And now there is no email to respond to this crap.


12 responses to “Red, White and Blue: Worst on PBS

  1. I’m flattered by how much you talk about me. Seriously. I enjoy your blog.

    • I’m surprised at how little it takes to flatter you. Compared to how much I write about say cats, it’s not all that much.

      If my writing had any influence on your dialing the volume back at least a notch or two, then you are welcome, as are you listeners.

      Thanks for your comment and next time perhaps you can be less self-centered.

  2. To me the RW&B guys have always been only just “so so”. Best thing about them is that they’re local and they both say “hi” when I encounter them at the grocery store.

    I haven’t seen the show all summer, so I haven’t kept up with Dan’s shenanigans. But his script does get old.

    I like to refer to Edd (two d’s) Hendee as Special Edd.

    He was a real retard when he was paired with Pat Gray.

    Michael Berry isn’t much better than Special Edd. I do like when the folks on KCOH call Berry out on his BS – usually it’s Michael Hariss’ crowd.

    • You’re right — I had forgotten that Edd spells his name Edd. Is it short for Eddie? I have a cousin named Eddie. He’s not very smart either.

      I’ll have to tune into KCOH. Thanks for the comment!

      • Yep, 1430 AM. Best AM in town… oldest Black AM station west of the Mississippi.

        Michael Harris is on the morning show – at least once or twice a week a caller brings up how Michael Berry played the folks in the community when he was in politics.

        Wash Allen is a good listen if you need some love life advice.

        Also good Motown and Memphis Blues from the 60s.

  3. Red White and Blue only got back on the air because a certain yellowdog threatened to sue KUHT for taking them off.

  4. Michelle,

    1. No, Clear Channel isn’t buying KCOH. I wish we would, because it would be great fun. I consider Michael Harris an incredible talent, and a personal friend. He agrees with me on a lot of things, and nobody calls him a racist. He makes people think.
    2. Wanna do lunch? Might be fun. My treat. I doubt we’ll ever agree on many political things, but might be fun to share thoughts. You have my personal email address, let me know there. Besides, you can write nasty things about my table manners afterward.
    3. I appreciate the tags.
    4. I repaid the favor by mentioning your blog on the air tonight. I mentioned it as “calle viena”, not sure if someone can just google it and find you.

    • I was simply asking another commenter whether there had been some rumor about a buyout. As for the rest of your first point, I’ll just let that go for now.

      Lunch? Thanks, but no thanks. I like my anonymity. I have a regular job and wouldn’t want to lose it. I called in once to your show and you didn’t agree with what I said, so you asked what I did for a living and where I worked. It was irrelevant to the discussion, and so I was wary. I’ve had others — bloggers and their readers — dig up my personal info and then try to get me fired — for disagreeing with them. I hope you understand that I’m turning you down because I don’t trust you, based on personal experience with you.

      As for the tags, it was just a gimmick. If I kept doing it, it would screw up the entire concept of tags in the first place. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      I was listening earlier this evening. Unfortunately, I only caught a part of what you said about me. I was switching out the dogs in the house and they always create an uproar at those moments. Thanks for praising my writing. I try to be clear and concise and sometimes funny. You can deprecate my political beliefs, but I don’t take it personally, just as you shouldn’t take my criticism of you personally — unless it’s accurate.

      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the plug.

      I almost forgot! Thanks for taking the correct stance on Michael Vick. We need to have more opportunities for redemption than currently exist, especially for people who are not famous.

  5. By the way, I’ve talked about KCOH many times on air over the past few years. They were the first station in town to put me on the radio. I used to go into Michael Harris’ studio and take calls for an hour at a time.

    • Sorry, I must have missed all those times. I do listen to other radio stations around 5 on week days, Patrick for one, and sometimes Hugh Hewitt. Other than that, I predictably listen to KUHF. I keep intending to tune in to KCOH in the morning, but I have been distracted by Glenn Beck and sleeping late.

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