Poor little guy wasn’t very happy.  By this morning, he had pooped in his food bowl.  I cleaned it all out and set him up with a “litter box” but he clearly didn’t get the concept.

Just before I let him out:


I took him out to the driveway.  I had the camera ready, but he was too quick.


He ran under the neighbor’s house.

I didn’t realize it at first, but he peed the whole way out — from the bathroom to the driveway.


And boy, did he scream.

I saw him later, looking around cautiously and smelling the food in the bowls for the OKs.

Hopefully, he’s found a safe place and Junebug and Braveheart will let him join their tribe.

3 responses to “Free

  1. Oh, too sad! Poor little guy! Good sign that he was checking out the food bowls though. Funny how they divvy up their world: house=bipeds & dogs ; underhouse=me & us ; backyard=safe (sometimes) etc. Braveheart & Junie may give him the old “you stink” routine for a while but hopefully he’ll figure the ropes out soon enough … he sure was quick though, so he should do fine … keeping paws crossed!

    • When I saw him, he eventually went under our house, and since there hasn’t been a ruckus, I’m hoping that he found a good spot, went to sleep and J and BH are protecting him.

      Paws crossed he will show up for breakfast in the morning.

  2. He showed up fro breakfast and there were no fireworks.

    When I got home, he was snoozing on the driveway inside the back fence. Braveheart sleepily walked past him and he rolled over on his back and tried to grab BH’s tail. No problem.

    I think everything is going to be ok.

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