Sleep in, Deal with the Recorder, or BLOW IT ALL OFF?

I have issues with my DVR.  Sometimes it likes me, other times not.  Sometimes it does what I ask it to, other times not.  Sometimes I ask it to do things and regret it later.

Usually, I record the Sunday morning news programs, mostly just to keep up.

I don’t know if I want to do that this weekend or not.

ABC had Malkin on last weekend and spent useful time swatting her nonsense.  Fox is always interesting though, because they always tout Republicans.  It’s good to see that they still have no ideas.

One thing about the Sunday shows is that they don’t rotate Michael Steele with J.C. Watts like Hannity does (just to please or dampen Quanell X’s chaarge against him).

It’s a mish-mash, but I’ll record it.

It’s Newt free — I guess he didn’t write a book this week.

I still wonder why doctor Bill isn’t on the Sunday teevee shows . . . .

4 responses to “Sleep in, Deal with the Recorder, or BLOW IT ALL OFF?

  1. Damned at Random

    Rachel MAddow is going to be on Meet the Press. I’m recording it. My husband has a major crush on her (His gaydar is about as useless as mine)

    • Ha! I always consult the gay guy I work with.

      It appears that my DVR is cooperating this morning. I’m kind of half watching Meet the Press right now . . .

  2. Speaking of Dr. Bill, what about the other Dr. Bill? As in Frist? I was expecting he would be sharing his diagnosis with anyone who would listen but he seems to have completely disappeared into the wilderness of Tennessee. Maybe his buds have warned him that the mere sight of his face immediately reminds everyone of the horrible farce with poor T. Schiavo, and he’d be doing the party a favor by laying low.

  3. That’s good point. I’ve read on other blogs where people have made the Schiavo connection — I even pointed it out to Kathleen, but it’s funny how that’s never mentioned when this topic comes up.

    I thought our friend and commenter Jake Tapper was terrible wrt to Hillary’s visit to Africa. It was all, ‘well she knows that the press will focus on the foolish so she should know better line’. Dick.

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