How Would Francis Smith Feel Were She Me?

I got my feelings hurt today.  Just as Francis has had hers hurt.

When I took the poor little kitten in to get neutered, the fat black, white and brown women ignored me because I am thinner than them.  For more than 30 minutes.

They were focused on an aggressive Mexican dog and not the sweet orange feral kitten I had in a trap.

When I went to pick him up, I had to suffer a white woman glaring at me because she had brought in twenty kittens, and there was a man who acknowledged that she was righteous.

I left the place with confidence, despite the affront to my dignity, because by that time they knew who I am and adjusted their behavior accordingly.

I am with you Francis!!!!  Fighting the good fight!!!!!!!!


4 responses to “How Would Francis Smith Feel Were She Me?

  1. Damned at Random

    Kim Chee hid in the bathroom vanity for 2 days after I had her spayed and fought like crazy when I tried to catch her to put back outside – scratches and bites before I got the towel around her. We played the food game for a while- I kept moving the dish closer and then I would touch her lightly while she ate, then pet her briefly (while she cringed) – then one day she arched her back into my hand and started to purr. The whole process took months, but she is quite insistent now that she get petting with her meals. When the weather turns cold, I’m going to try to bring her inside (she has met most of the inside cats through the screens already).

    She may not have been a true feral, the two boys she arrived with weren’t- but she sure convinced the vet. She was older than your little guy tho.

    Good luck with him

    • It’s funny how there are degrees of feralness.

      Junebug was tame from the beginning, but Braveheart has always been standoff-ish. I had a similar experience with him in the bathroom that you had with Kim Chee. Every once in a while, he will forget himself and let me pet him while he eats.

      I can’t decide whether to let him out later this evening, or tomorrow morning, or tomorrow evening. He still seems pooky this morning.

  2. Hey! I had to go all the way back to Francis’s amazing post to get the joke! ‘aggressive Mexican dog” ha ha ha ha ha ha ha … great post … and i is with you, fightee fightee fightee!

  3. Amazing, isn’t it? Francis thought she had pulled a regular ‘gotcha’ on me. And defending the indefensible Berry is just a waste of time. Even if he reals it in a bit, he’s got to make his name. I still think ‘screamer’ should be a part of it.

    I really did get my feelers hurt, though. The three women were pretty obvious about ignoring me. I kept trying to make eye contact with them but didn’t say anything.

    Finally one of them said someone would be with me in a moment and it was one of the fawning women. She looked over the form I had filled out and stated the obvious, “you’ve signed this and checked this.” I asked if I could get him a rabies shot and the full pack of vaccinations, just to get him off to a good start, and she softened a bit more.

    When I went to pick him up, one of those same women figured out — I assume through the long record under my name — that I had done this before and was actually much nicer to me. I rounded the bill up to $80, so even though I hope I don’t have to go back there for a while, maybe they won’t be such bitches next time.

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