Maybe it’s Not Just Me

I get the feeling that opponents of the health reform bill shot their wad a little too early.

While polls may indicate that some sympathize with the screaming people at the town hall’s, the death panel talk along with the premature victory dance is just that: done and over.  The next news cycle comes and goes and Palin will fade again.

It’s pretty sad that people hang on “her” every word, that people think she is even in a position to move the debate.  The crazy idea that her Facebook writing has changed legislation is nonsense.  Five hundred and thirty four people in a position to care aren’t going along with her.

Bottom line is, Obama goes out and works the public.  I keep hearing that his family will take a vacation.  I wager he won’t take much of one — less than me or most employed people.

And he will work through the month when all of the screamers are still recovering from their premature shouts.

Sorry I wanted to but just couldn’t go there. .  .


3 responses to “Maybe it’s Not Just Me

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  2. There were a couple of funny ads on the Milwaukee local tv making fun of the anti-health care types … one in particular was during a horror movie and had this mask of Satan going on in one of those tractor-pull “deep” voices about how happy they were in Hell when they learned about the ‘death panels’ and so Satan had some committee of demons download the bill itself & man were they bummed when they realized the government wasn’t going to be killing seniors after all, however, they were setting aside plenty of space for all the people who had been spreading rumors and lies! (pretty over-the-top, but funny while it was going on) …

  3. I really do think the wingers peaked too soon.

    Remember last year — both in the primary and the general?

    I’m still thinking rope-a-dope.

    We’ll get meaningful legislation passed, no doubt.

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