He’s still mad at me

I didn’t ask him to come in the house, but he screwed that up.

Every time I go in to check on him or feed him, he hisses at me.

Tomorrow morning he goes in to be clipped twice.

Unfortunately, he’s completely feral.

He’s a very beautiful kitten.


3 responses to “He’s still mad at me

  1. Damned at Random

    Well, my technique is to put the food out then sit nearby and read for an hour or so- pretty much ignore him. Take the food with you when you leave and repeat a few hours later so he HAS to eat with you in the room. It makes him associate your presence with good things.

    Of course, you have no time to work with – so it is probably a waste of time

    • Well, this morning he had escaped from the trap — I obviously hadn’t secured it correctly. He patiently sat in the tub while I fixed it. Then I threw a towel over him and managed to get him back in without injuring either of us.

      He’s at the clinic now. I’m expecting a phone call that he’s ready in and hour or two. I may try what you suggested tomorrow — or whenever it is that he will be able to eat again.

      • He’s home now. He was really freaked-out when I picked him up. I checked on him a bit ago and he seem calmer. I can release him in 24-36 hours, but if he is willing, I may try to keep him a little longer. We’ll see how it goes when I change his paper and feed him.

        Poor little guy. He’s a very handsome kitten.

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