Not Excatly How I Thought I Would Trap Him . . .

When I got home today, Tammy and Murph were all up in arms around the tv.  I tried to put them out in the front yard, but hey wouldn’t go, so I put them in the bedroom and let Dora out.

Then I heard a kitten crying.  I looked everywhere and decided the kitten was in the wall — there is a way in around the utility room.

Dora went out and eventually Tam and Murph went out and then around 9:30, I heard the kitten again.  Dora was in and I told her the kitten was in the wall.

But he wasn’t.

He was behind the rocker I was sitting in.

I scooped him up and got clawed in the process, but he’s now in the kitten room with water and food and I have, given the past few years, minimal scratches.

At least Dora minded me and didn’t fight me for the kitten.

It was like a movie, but in real life.  Me and the kitten making eye contact.  The kitten terrified.  Me grabbing him with Dora in pursuit.  Me yelling at Dora while tossing the kitten into the room.

Me telling Dora everything is ok, while bleeding.

Thank goodness I bought bandaids at Target yesterday.  And I have lots of stuff to put on wounds.

I still don’t know where he was for those hours . . . Dora was in the room with him and Murph and Tammy were, too.

I looked for him inside and out.

It’s a mystery.

Update:   I got him in the trap even though one part was missing.  Basically I cornered him and popped him in.  He’s got a watery can of tuna to hold him over until I check on him again.  I had to get him into the bathroom or I wouldn’t be able to switch out the pups.

I’d still like to know where he was for those 3 hours. . . .


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