Staycation Fail

Yesterday, because I got up a little late, and because it was going to rain, supposedly,  I decided that I wouldn’t paint the fence.   All the different ferals that I need to catch were around, but I only photographed them.  It didn’t rain.

This morning I got up early.  As I got my painting stuff together neighbor said hi and asked if I was going to paint.  I said yes and that ended the uncomfortable conversation.  I painted the damned fence for five hours, mostly in the sun.

I had stalled out on my kitchen regeneration the day before because I decided that I needed shelf liner.  I needed to get a new mattress cover since Murphy had chewed through the last one, and with good measure, some of the mattress.  (He was mad at me for putting him in my room and still being in the house — or he just hadn’t got the idea of not chewing — I don’t know.  It’s my fault all the way around.)

SO.  I went off shopping — for a mattress cover (check and made in the USA) — for a pair of pants, since I ruined one of my work pair (made in Indonesia — at least not China) — and a foam layer thingy to put on top of the mattress (also made in the USA).  I also picked up some kitty dry and failed to find any good chewies at Target.

While shopping at Target, I heard thunder several times.  By the time I checked out, the wind was swirling and the rain was pouring.  I parked my basket next to a woman with an infant in the seat of her cart — she had one of those binkie things that surrounds him in softeness while he’s sitting in the cart.  He was a very friendly baby and I talked to him.  Another woman came by and ask the woman about him — he is almost a year old.  The mom and I talked sporadically while the rain came down.  We watched different people in groups get one person to run out to their car and then drive up to the door to pick their others up.

At one point, I told her that it was a shame we couldn’t pick each other up like that and have the little guy watch the carts.  I did the whole baby talk thing, saying that he would watch the carts if he could.  Later, after the rain had let up, I thought of a way she and I could have worked it out, but she didn’t have any pressing place to go and I didn’t either.

When I finally took the chance to run to the car, I said good bye and said for them to be safe and told the little guy it was very nice to meet him and his mom.

Ok, so that wasn’t the fail part.

That was the saving grace part.

I got home and we were in disarray.  Pups didn’t know where to go and the only kittens around were June and Braveheart.

And then tonight, the toilette breaks.

I know I can go the Ace Harware store tomorrow morning and get a new flipper.

Fixing the toilette wasn’t what I had on the agenda for tomorrow morning.

The morning is the only time I have to work outside.

That’s the fail part.


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