If you only listen to talk radio . . .

or read Ann Althouse, you would think that the big deal about S0S Clinton’s visit to Africa was just about one thing she said.  And that is what they would like you to believe.

Africans feel differently.

Rape is a very serious issue and in the Congo it has been used as a weapon against not only women, but men as well.

Just like Obama’s work in Mexico with the three North Americas summit, there is little of it discussed in any meaningful way on talk radio.

It’s pretty clear where the town hall anger is coming from — it’s the slanting of the news.

Like someone else on the intertubes said, Sarah Palin didn’t have anything to do with the differently-abled community until she claimed to be a part of it and still hasn’t.  That her son gets the benefits that he does is the result of other people who have fought for years.

Lastly, back to talk radio, it’s clear that much of it is ego driven.  And it’s also clear that they all pounce on the same thing.  As egoists, they try to differentiate themselves from each other, but they all hit the same points.

At least Michael Berry hasn’t been on the air screaming BLACK the last couple of days.


2 responses to “If you only listen to talk radio . . .

  1. The eulogies for Eunice Shriver really put the Palin Facebook comments in perspective. Caring for the elderly & the disabled & the most vulnerable members of our society has long been one of the things the Democratic Party can rightly be very proud of. The Republicans have offered nothing but cruelty, blame, lectures, and the usual I’ve-got-mine bullshit about pulling oneself up by one’s boot-straps.

    • It’s so easy to SAY you are for this that or the other, it’s another thing altogether to work for it.

      Palin has reaped and enjoyed, but done not one thing.

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