The New Kitten

He’s an orange tabby, and definitely male.  He reminds me of Macey, but he’s healthy.  He’s got beautiful eyes.  He’s a pastel orange tabby.

He’s getting used to me.  And this evening, big ole’ sad gray and white boy made a half-assed effort to swat him.

I have this idea about keeping him in Jessie’s old spot after I trap him and get him fixed.  Same with the older boy.  Get them trapped and clipped this week.

Pictures tomorrow!


4 responses to “The New Kitten

  1. How do Junie & BH behave towards him? They seem much friendlier than they were towards Jessie, but maybe since he’s a baby he’s not such a threat (not that sweet Jessie was an old-timer!)

  2. Oh, and that’s funny about sad-gray-and-white kitty. When he’s aggressive you can tell his heart’s not in it and the other kitties seem to sense that as well.

    • Yesterday evening, little orange kitten wanted to get in on the swimming and bummed into sad g&w kitty. That startled him and he swatted the little guy, but again no fur went flying.

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