Big Cheer for Sotomayor!!!!!

And that it was Frankin’s turn at the gavel makes it perfect.

Finally.  I voted on the Supremes on msnbc earlier today.  Local news has her supporters on.

I am so proud.

My hope is that Sotomayor will make Thomas yearn for his mobile home so much that he gives up.

It’s a happy day.

3 responses to “Big Cheer for Sotomayor!!!!!

  1. Damned at Random

    off topic- but I went to the Houston SPCA adoptions page and couldn’t find Jessie!!

    I check twice a week and unless they renamed her (none of the other torties really looked like her to me) she is gone – adopted I assume

    • Yes, I checked this afternoon and she’s gone. Hopefully eating bon-bons and watching teevee with some happy fat person.

      I checked the site every day and was hoping hoping hoping she would get adopted. I looked to make sure she hadn’t gotten a new name, too.

      But it is joy joy joy!

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