About Africa

Roberto pointed out tonight that the News Hour has been focusing on Africa a lot lately.

They are on to something.

We’ve always had some African students, but it’s ramped up lately.  Some are sent here from oil companies, others not.  They are exceptional students.  It’s quite a contrast to the mainland Chinese students.

Given my love for Sub-Saharan Africa, I don’t give the students from there any slack, but they are always the best and the brightest.


2 responses to “About Africa

  1. I certainly agree with you that of all the many stories that are ‘uncovered’ by mainstream media (including, sad to say, the NewsHour), those out of Africa are often the most compelling. From the ones that have been aired lately, I think it’s safe to say that they are chosen because of their own merits and importance. I’m just a little bit wary because of our Cold War history, where entire continents attracted our attention not because of the multiplicity of good reasons for us to take an interest in the people there, but because our enemies were staking some sort of claim, whether benign (Cuban clinics, Hungarian farm tool factories, East German weather stations) or malign (Soviet guns & ammo). I’m just hoping that the growing presence of the Chinese (in Africa & in the Latin Pacific Rim countries) isn’t what’s making our antennas perk up.

  2. I am impressed and happy that Hillary has been in Africa this past week. It was something that was under-covered IMO.

    We, the U.S. should be the best of friends to Africa. I see the Chinese infusion into Africa as a bad thing. We could counter-act that, just as we did the Israeli influence in apartheid in South Africa.

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