Bill Bennett does what he just accused someone else of doing so that makes him?

a racist?  or a hypocrite?

This morning, Bill Bennett had  Harry Alford on his program.  Refresher on who he is here.

After having played the clip of his response to Boxer, Bennett proceeded to  ask Alford about his sons, and then broke out with the Michael Jackson displeasure.  Why, Bennett asked, was there so much focus on the Jackson family instead of on Tiger Woods or Alford’s family.

Why didn’t Bennett complain about, I don’t know, the  Spears family or those people who have eight kids that I see on the mags at the grocery store?

Alford didn’t respond like he did to Boxer.  He didn’t respond at all.

Perhaps Bennett realized he had stepped in it.  I don’t know.  Why Alford didn’t go off on Bennett is unclear.

Alford actually seemed supportive of a public option on health care.

Of course, Alford’s interview is not available on Bennett’s site.

Bennett seems to have spent too much time in D.C.  It’s much like my theory about Michael Berry.  Both of them have fossilized ideas about the black community.  Unfortunately,  what they fossilized is a decades old image of African Americans.  The election of Obama should have relieved them of those ideas, but it did not.

Bennett just used Alford much like Boxer did.  Were I Alford, I would be just as pissed.


One response to “Bill Bennett does what he just accused someone else of doing so that makes him?

  1. Funny how wingnuts are so hyper-sensitive and hairtrigger-ready to slam any progressive over the slightest wee-est hint of bigotry (and no problem if it’s taken well out of context). They are usually the same folks who go red-faced & tremble-lipped over how ‘political correctness’ is depriving them of their right to be lazy and hateful and say whatever comes to mind without regard to its effect on anyone who might hear them. And specifically about B. Bennett: it’s hard to think of another public figure who has so vigorously chomped on the hand that fed him and without which he’d be more of a nobody than he is now.

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