Like Clockwork

Guess who showed up for a snack today.

More kittens.

Guess who got into a fight under the house.

More kittens.

I don’t know the mother, but I guess it’s time to trap sad grey and white boy and that orange tom.

I just wonder how many times I will trap Junebug or Braveheart before I trap them.

Cue Roberto standing up for June and BH.


3 responses to “Like Clockwork

  1. Damned at Random

    How old and how feral?

    I live just outside a town of 2000 and we reportedly have hundreds (!) of stray/feral cats. The Humane Society in Eugene (40 miles from here) advertises feral cats that have been turned in as barn cats which is a good partial solution.

    The problem only gets worse when the economy is bad I’m afraid. At least cats don’t form packs like abandoned dogs do

  2. They look to be about 3 or 4 months old. There’s three of them actually.

    I’ll do some research and see if there’s anything like the program you describe around these parts.

    And I’ll try to get a picture of them!

  3. I’m guessing this would be the orange one from this morning + the 2 that were across the street?

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