This is the post I wanted to post


I’m a failure at posting.


3 responses to “This is the post I wanted to post

  1. Damned at Random

    I think single payer would be great for rural health care. There isnt much profit to be made in small communities, so the big hospital corps don’t bother with us. We do, however, have disproprtionate power in the senate where Wyoming = California, and we all have a representive who realizes (s)he needs our vote every couple of years like clockwork. Hence, the Government would be motivated to provide incentives to medical personnel (who may be hiking or fishing enthusiasts in their free time) to practice here.

    • It’s much the same with teachers. I agree that a public option would work well for rural areas.

      I heard a guy call in to local radio who has a decent income, so he says, (50K) but can’t afford to get something medical his son needs because his employer doesn’t subscribe to a health care plan. The talker’s response was to half-ass offer a fund raiser.

      What with Gwyn Eifle repeating the idea that the President wants to kill old people, I am looking forward to a Prez that doesn’t take August off.

  2. Damned at Random

    It breaks my heart to see change bottles for somebody’s cancer treatment at a checkout stand. How is this a Christian nation?

    As far as killing old people, when I reach the point where I’m shitting the bed and calling for my deceased Mommy, I HOPE somebody puts cyanide in my ovaltine

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